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Freeze Drying World

With over 20 years’ expertise, Tofflon continuously dedicates itself to develop freeze dryer technology with wider industrial applications. On Achema Frankfurt 2015, Tofflon demonstrates its latest development and application in this field: API Auto Loading Systems, Spray freeze drying for Continuous Manufacturing Model and Lyophilized Tablet. 

A API Auto Loading Systems 

Today sterile API manufacturing demands automated handling system solutions for aseptic application to meet increasing cGMP expectations, especially for generic API large-scale manufacturing with aim to export to regulated markets. Meanwhile the solution should keep cost competitiveness and production efficiency as well. Tofflon API Auto Loading Systems work for these requirements. They include alternative designs with trays or without trays for different products, offer package solution from aseptic process to package process and meet both aseptic requirements and operator protection for potent products. The installed systems have been successfully approved by international regulatory authority. 


B Spray Freeze Drying 

Spay Freeze Drying is the combination between vacuum spray granulation and dynamic freeze drying. Solution is atomized and sprayed into the Sprayer. Droplets are quickly frozen into solid microspheres because of vaporizing. Micropheres are transferred to a Dryer for drying under gentle mixing and heating. Due to larger surface area for heat transfer and less mass transfer resistance, dynamic freeze drying significantly improves  drying efficiency. With butterfly valve control and under barrier systems protection, lyophilized powder can be dispensed to aseptic packaging process 

Spray Freeze Drying, as an innovative technology, offers the following advantages and benefits: 
- Simplified process
- Closed process to offer closed environment protection for the product and the operator when dealing with potent products. 
- Fast drying process to make continuous processing becomes possible. 
- Production process can be on-line monitoring. 
- Frozen pellets size can be controllable. Therefore powder dispensing into API tank or powder filling into vials or syringes can be possible. 


C Lyophilized Tablet 

Lyophilized Tablet or Orally Disintegrating Tablet is a new type drug delivery technology. It provides a convenient and efficient solution for patient who has difficulties in taking medicines. Its advantages and benefits are as below:
- Fast dissolving speed
- Easy to deliver, no need water
- Less hurt to stomach
- Improve drug bioavailability, good for large molecules drug

Tofflon develops lyophilized table process support and lyophilized table production line which includes: 
- Solution Preparation Systems 
- Blister Filling and Cooling Systems 
- Freeze Dryer Loading and Unloading Systems
- Freeze Dryer 
- Lyophilized Blister Sealing Systems
- Packaging Systems 


Comparing with conventional oral solid tablet, lyophilized tablet can dispense instantly in the water or tongue. Thus lyophilized tablet can not only improve patient compliance, but also increase bioavailability and reduce toxic side effects. The absorption rate and clinical effect of some lyophilized tablet are similar to its injection. However lyophilized tablet can reduce the risk of hypodermic injection. 

Freezing Drying Is A Great and Useful Technology. It keeps dynamic innovations for years which continuously bring great solution for pharma and biotech industry. We all love this game!